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Live Events

What will you gain?


    -   3 Routes to The Primal Choice.

    -   Multiple opportunities to "nail" it.

    -   Live demonstration of the results.

    -   Insights as to how it works.

    -   Guidance on how to use it.

    -   Real vs unrealistic expectations. 

    -   Stories of my transformation.

    -   Live Q & A | How to use it for...?


Next event coming soon... 



The first Live Event was a great success as I was able to guide a total newcomer into the experience, show him how to use it, and embed it into his daily life.


You may watch that event

in full HERE.


Since I am not charging upfront for this, if you find value in what I have to offer, please donate or become a patron.

This will only be available until the book is published!



Nobody could have told me how to experience Self-Mastery, so I totally understand if you wish to take The Primal Choice and just run with it!


HERE is a Free Tutorial


Remember to keep an eye on the Youtube and Instagram channels. I'll have lots of tips and tricks soon!


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