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As you may or may not already know, I plan to keep The Primal Choice freely accessible via this website. Sure, I may charge for the printed book, but the digital version will be given to anyone that subscribes to my newsletter because I want you to experience true freedom, regardless of income - so long as you choose it!


Meanwhile, as soon as you find The Primal Choice to be 100% beneficial in your life and would like support my on going work, please consider becoming a Patron and supporting my life's mission:


The Liberation of ALL Sentient Beings!



Support My Life's Mission

Hi, my name is Michael A. Smith, and I am just like you.


For most of my life I have suffered in ignorance of my true nature, and without presence, knowledge and understanding, I misinterpreted my thoughts for facts and overlooked the obvious cure. Ultimately, this led me into a downward spiral of depression, causing me to ruin a relationship while simultaneously losing my car, my residence, my income & my sanity...


Meanwhile, within all of that suffering, I gradually came to understand exactly why it happened, how it happened, and how to be free of it: FOREVER.


This website stands as the prequel to my book: "The Primal Choice: A Practical Way to Personal Freedom," whereupon I will guide you through my process of experiencing immediate and lasting freedom from personal suffering. Until then, I have a free tutorial available for you that the entire book is based upon.


Thus, you do not have to wait until I have written the book. Just subscribe below, and I will send you my latest tutorial. Why wait? It is free :). 


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On a fairly regular basis(once I am ready), I will release more details on Youtube that will reveal key insights about The Primal Choice, many of which I will address in detail when the book is published. 


Meanwhile, are you local to Raleigh, NC?

Visit for group tutorials.

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