Real Meditation

Contrary to popular belief, there is a right way to meditate and there is a wrong way to meditate, especially if you want to experience a significant shift in your life as a whole. Likewise, if peace of mind is the only benefit you gain from your current practice, you could get a lot more from doing something you enjoy, instead.


Alternatively, a real meditation begins with peace and then produces a real result.


Thus, in response to our universal crisis of fake meditations everywhere, I am releasing the first real meditation for FREE, whereupon you may use it in order to invite a significant shift in your life as a whole.

Let's BEGIN!


Reflective Koan Poetry

Find me on Instagram @theprimalchoice for an inside scoop of TPC inspiring me through poetry.


As I write these poems, I encourage you to reflect on their validity and to look within your personal experience for the evidence of what I describe. Ideally, watch the full video of each poem and experience The Primal Choice, i.e. surrender into your true nature, while you wait for insight into the poem's meaning. Some of them are quite obvious, while others may hold one or more hidden meanings that can only be discerned when you account for the placement, colors, rhymes and the phonetic vs the verbal meaning of the words.

Likewise, many of these poems are multi-dimensional in nature, meaning that they imply different meanings depending on how you look at them. Thus, I encourage you to revisit them later on, if nothing 'clicks' right away," because as your freedom grows, so will your understanding.


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Daily Insights

You may or may not have a twitter, and I cannot think of a lot of great reasons to get one. However, I do know one reason that will be well worth it.​

Every day, I will post insights into the nature of this experience in order to remind you of the wonderful benefits of using this practice - consistently.

Likewise, never think that you are practicing all alone because I am practicing right here with you, every day, just like you.


So, let's practice together :) 

My LIfe's Mission

Everywhere we look, there is suffering, yet most of it could be avoided if more people knew a better way. In fact, consider your own experience for a moment: Back when you made that life-changing mistake, would you make a better decision if you had access to more knowledge or better information?


As for myself, I know for a fact that if I knew better, I'd do better. Yet, I cannot change the past, nor can I cry over what is gone. All I can do is move forward and accept that there is always a better way than what I have in mind, especially if I wish to proceed without suffering along The Way.


This is my life's mission, to show you and everyone else by example that there is a better way. A way in which you can face the challenges of life with poise and equanimity, without suffering or causing other people to suffer along The Way. The Primal Choice is the beginning of this journey.


Will you join me?


The Liberation of All Sentient Beings