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Please do not proceed until you have experienced Non-Meditation as a prerequisite. 


The Primal Meditation

The Primal Meditation is the practical side of unifying your eternal foundation of feeling with the observation of universal impermanence.


As always, feel free to preview the written instructions below the video before following along with the tutorial. If you have any questions or would like to leave a testimonial, visit the forums or check it out on Facebook

Written Instructions


- The Flow -

  • Follow the guidelines given in the previous tutorial, or go directly into the experience of continuously engaging with the flow of how you feel. Test yourself by giving 100% of your attention to the breath, then just to feeling, then as they occur simultaneously. Once you have made these distinctions, allow your perspective to rest via non-seeking, and continue to notice how feeling proceeds and penetrates all other aspects of your personal experience. 

The key to this step is to notice feeling and sensation separately, then notice them as they interact with each other as one seamless experience. 

Step 2: SEE
- The Pattern -


  • At this point, you are basically experiencing Step 3 of Non-Meditation, but with an added dimension of observing the breath in the background as feeling proceeds in the foreground. Next, after each distraction that draws your attention away from how you feel, I want you to notice the underlining pattern that influences your emotional disposition throughout all of your perceptions, i.e. your thoughts tend to assume that everything is fixed in a certain way. Sure, some aspects of your experience may seem more consistent than others because they are more inclusive than others, but if you look at your experience from a moment by moment basis, you will begin to see that your experience of Reality constantly changing. With continuous observation, your Mind will stop pretending that things are eternal and will begin to accept that change is eternal, instead.

The key to this step is to SEE the Reality of your personal experience in direct relationship to your thoughts about it. Ideally, allow the spontaneous correction of each perception to occur upon returning to how you feel, naturally.

Step 3: KNOW

- The Whole -

  • As you enter into this step, you are beginning to see how your mind perpetually predefines every aspect of your experience into a fixed assumption: "[This] is how it is and [it] will always stay this way." However, your experience shows that this is simply not true. Likewise, you have just witnessed the difference between discerning and judging your personal experience: i.e discernments do not have an emotional component and they are evidence-based conclusions, while judgments do have an emotional component and they are thought-based conclusions. Taking all of this into consideration, I want you to slowly open your eyes and witness the flow of feeling at the forefront of your experience with your visuals in the background. Next, stand up and walk around. Look at your current environment and as you witness new stimuli in between recognizing the flow of how you feel, notice the underlining assumptions as well as their dissolution in light of the evidence.

The key to this step is to continuously discern the facts from the fiction: Your feeling is continuous and change is continuous, yet no thing is eternal. In every instance that your mind assumes something is a certain way, see it as it really is without depending on your thoughts to interpret the experience because when you can truly see Reality, you don't need an interpreter to tell you how it is. You see it. 


The Primal Choice

As you become more familiar with the intricacies of each step of Non-Meditation and The Primal Meditation, they will naturally shrink down into a single moment, eventually giving rise to the experience of The Primal Choice, the decision to step out of the role of control and into the role of flow. This is the key experience that will enable you to overcome all forms of suffering, spontaneously and naturally, without having to focus on them directly.

After a few days of practicing, feel free to visit the forums and share your experiences.

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