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Self-Mastery begins with freedom from destructive thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns.

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How to Know, Feel & See

when you are Successful with The Primal Meditation?


Upon successfully practicing the non-practice practice of the Non-Meditation, you will subconsciously witness the 𝐢 𝐀𝐌, and you will spontaneously & experiencially-know, intuitively-feel, and surprisingly-see the difference after sincere practice.

  • You will know different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will consciously recognize a change in your experience.

    • You may not be able to describe how you know; yet you know.

    • You will know that you are better after practicing than before.

  • You will feel different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will feel lighter, freer, more spacious, relieved, relaxed, etc.

    • If an emotional disturbance or discomfort was before, it isn't so intense or even present after.

    • If there was excessive indulgence, emotional reactions, and/or confusing thoughts before, they are no longer present, or greatly deminished after practice.

  • You will see different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will notice & see a visible difference in your tangible life.

    • You will observe the space between you & all observations is clearer than before.

    • If you reflect on how you saw the space of your presence before, you will notice that you didn't notice how cloudy & filtered your perceptions were; but after, it is obviously apparent; you were [particially] blind, yet now you see.

This is what it means to Know, Feel & See [the] 𝐢 𝐀𝐌 [within]. Thus, if after this meditation you cannot discern all of the facts mentioned above, please practice again without "trying".

If you sincerely follow my instructions, and are not distracted by your own past experiences with meditation, or opinions of meditation, you will be successful. 

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