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Acceptance [iZ] The Path

Part 1: "Acceptance"

Siri says that acceptance is, "the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered," but on a more fundamental level, acceptance is the act of giving 100% of your attention to whatever it is you are accepting until it no longer requires your attention and if you are not giving 100%, you are placing your attention some place else.

Comparatively, the opposite of acceptance would be ignorance, which would be the deliberate or unconscious act of diverting your attention away from that which you could be accepting. Hence, ignorance is literally, “the state of ignoring,” while acceptance is literally, “the state of reception," as applied to observing or not observing any phenomenon.

Now, let us agree that there is no, "lack of acceptance,” because we all have somethings that we give 100% of our attention towards and by doing so, we ignore other things that receive little to no attention.

Thus, acceptance and ignorance tend to play together in our daily life, neither being better or worse than the other. Yet, of those experiences that we have given our attention towards - consistently - those experiences have improved or expanded into more of their likeness due to the nature of applied attention:

The more attention you give, the more experience you gain.

To accept this fact requires that you must witness this pattern within your personal experience upon reflection by examining your own life circumstances and how your undivided attention has always increased the experience of whatever you focused upon, while your divided attention has done little-to-nothing towards affecting any change.

  • Examine: eating, smoking, drugs, sex, alcohol, television, the gym, yoga, listening, ignoring, good habits, bad habits, what you like, dislike, etc.

Part 2: "The Path"

When I mention "The Path," I am referring to the way to Salvation, Liberation & Enlightenment as I have defined below:

  • Salvation: Deliverance from immediate suffering i.e. feeling better than before.

  • Liberation: Deliverance from the cause of suffering i.e. feeling reliably better.

  • Enlightenment: Deliverance from all unconscious tendencies i.e. feeling INVINCIBLE.

Each of these words highlights a different quality of the over arching theme: the cessation of suffering via experiencing acceptance in varying degrees of lifestyle consistency.

Thus, a little acceptance produces the immediate experience of Salvation, a bit more acceptance produces the experience of Liberation as it is applied to the primary cause of suffering, while 100% acceptance will produce the experience of Enlightenment when it is embodied in every area and every moment of daily life.

Now, I cannot claim to have experienced the total dissolution of all suffering, but I can say that I experience Salvation and Liberation on a daily basis as I have gradually come to understand what Enlightenment truly is from these points of clarity, yet some may say that I cannot fully understand Enlightenment until I fully experience it, and that is true.

However, just as you can see a toll booth in the distance while going down a particular road, I can see Enlightenment in the distance while going down this particular path. It just so happens that I am honest enough to say that I have not crossed that transition point of being 100% conscious in every moment of my daily life. Yet, I know I am going in the right direction, because all of the signs say I AM. Those signs being the qualities or aspects of my personal experience that have arisen out of applying acceptance to each area of my life.