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I'm A Beginner, too!

After receiving the incentive to seek out this experience from my future self, and then discovering the direct route into The Primal Choice over two months ago, I want to remind all of you that I am a beginner, too!

Sure, I've been experimenting with my consciousness for two long years, testing out every idea until I stumbled into this experience, so I know A LOT of what not to do in order to embody The Primal Choice more consistently, but I'm right here with you on the frontier of this amazing discovery.

I'm not some paternal figure that looks down upon you and insists that "my way," is the only way to find a solution. What I do suggest is that this experience is The Way to experience effortless solutions that occur as naturally as breathing, no matter the circumstances.

Solutions just happen and my life improves so long as I invest into this experience.

Likewise, I am not claiming to have perfected this experience in every moment of my waking life, nor am I claiming to not have my own ups and downs when my mind snubs an unfamiliar trick into the game. Honestly, sometimes I get thrown back into the gutter, but TPC is my leverage to get right back on top, feeling problem-free and empowered in my own life.

This is the power of truly investing into this experience on a day-to-day basis:

The solutions to your "problems" - known or unknown by you - will simply occur. The answers to your questions will become immediately apparent as you ask better questions, and the remedies to your concerns will reveal themselves as soon as the slightest friction occurs. Stress and ease become one seamless game in between every life theme.

It is like feeling an ache only to see yourself suddenly adjusting your posture, or misspeaking a phrase, only to use it in the next moment to your advantage.

There is so much to this experience, that I know I will be spending the rest of my life deciphering it. But in the short-term, I'll call it The Experience of The Primal Choice.

The more you invest into it, the more you will get out of it