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My LIfe's Mission

Everywhere we look, there is suffering, yet most of it could be avoided if more people knew a better way. In fact, consider your own experience for a moment: Back when you made that life-changing mistake, would you make a better decision if you had access to more knowledge or better information?


As for myself, I know for a fact that if I knew better, I'd do better. Yet, I cannot change the past, nor can I cry over what is gone. All I can do is move forward and accept that there is always a better way than what I have in mind, especially if I wish to proceed without suffering along The Way.


This is my life's mission, to show you and everyone else by example that there is a better way. A way in which you can face the challenges of life with poise and equanimity, without suffering or causing other people to suffer along The Way. The Primal Choice is the beginning of this journey.


Will you join me?


The Liberation of All Sentient Beings

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