LIfe Mission

The Liberation of All Sentient Beings

Within every single person, exists a reservoir of untapped truth. That truth is more real than any "thing" because it exists independent of all thought. My mission is to show you The Way to that truth so that you can step out of Mind and return to BEiNG because even though this truth is all around you, you'll never see it until you remember how to see without thoughts or emotions to distort what you observe.

The Primal Choice is The Key to EVERYTHING.


When I talk about The Primal Choice, I am actually talking about the conscious non-act "act" of surrendering to your true nature. Of giving up everything you think is right and true in exchange for SEEing what is right and true for you, on a moment by moment basis. In the short-term, this means learning how to stop all movement, tension, thinking and expectations in order to allow the real you to step forth and guide all of these processes instinctively. In the long-term, this means living your life without the suffering that came before as you embark on a personal adventure of Self-discovery.

"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
- Lao Tzu -


As the revealer of knowledge, my purpose is to simply show you how to see so that you can discern what is best for you. My purpose is not to tell you what to do or how to live because I have my own life to live. Likewise, I know that you can solve all of your own problems because that's exactly what I did as soon as I discovered how to see. Thus, just like every real doctor, my intention is to help you help yourself so that you can go help someone else, rather than remain dependent on me to spoon feed you The Truth.


All you need is to realize that you have all you need,
and you will be free from the delusions of this world. 


The only thing I want in return is for you to take advantage of everything I have to offer and to give back when you can. Sure, some compensation for all of this time and energy would be nice, but the people that I truly want to reach do not have time or energy. They are afraid, desperate and are suffering far worse than you because they do not have the ability to read this or watch my tutorials. So, look at how privileged you are and how much energy you waste, worrying about frivolous things while your family and friends suffer all around you. Yet, you can do nothing to help them until you discover how to help yourself.

"Seek and ye shall find.
Ask and it shall be given."
- Yeshua -


Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me and ASK. I am not a mind reader, nor am I going to mindlessly post content on Youtube or social media just to get a view. I want to give YOU more value but that begins with your initiative.

Honestly, my mind is like a vault of infinite information but the only way I can tap into it is if an honest seeker requests to know what I know. Otherwise, I spend most of my day like a fool, mindlessly flowing from one moment to the next as I continuously gather new realizations in preparation to meet someone like you: Someone that wants to know The Truth and is willing to follow my suggestions in order to discover the evidence for Oneself.

I cannot tell you The Truth.
I can only point The Way.

As for my life's mission, we cannot change the world by attempting to control other people or by manipulating the resources of Earth. The only way to change the world is to change how we see the world, first. With true sight comes true knowledge, understanding and the power to make a real difference. That difference does not begin in your neighborhood, nor in some foreign country where all of the people are starving. It begins within you because as you change without suffering, you will inspire other people to change as well; onward and upward, until one day you see Reality:


Heaven has always been here.
Hell was the struggle to see it.


At last, if you have the means to contribute to my life's mission, please consider donating to my cause so that we can achieve the inevitable - together - one person at a time.


Namaste :)


Reclaimer: By following any of my suggestions, your life will immediately begin to change, and as it does, you are obligated to accept full responsibility for the transformations that you undertake. As for my input, I accept full responsibility for the integrity of my own suggestions and I will continue to act as an example for all of you to witness.