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How to Know, Feel & See

if you are Successful ?


Upon successfully practicing the non-practice practice of the Primal Meditation, you will witness the 𝐢 𝐀𝐌, and you will spontaneously & experiencially-know, intuitively-feel, and surprisingly-see the difference when this revelation occurs.

  • You will know different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will consciously recognize a change in your experience.

    • You may not be able to describe how you know; yet you know.

    • You will know that you are better after practicing than before.

  • You will feel different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will feel lighter, freer, more spacious, relieved, relaxed, etc.

    • If an emotional disturbance or discomfort was before, it isn't after.

    • If there was excessive indulgence, emotional reactions, and/or confusing thoughts before, they are no longer present, or greatly deminished after practice.

  • You will see different:
    comparing before and after meditation.

    • You will notice & see a visible difference in your tangible life.

    • You will observe the space between you & all observations is clearer than before.

    • If you reflect on how you saw the space of your presence before, you will notice that you didn't notice how cloudy & filtered your perceptions were; but after, it is obviously apparent; you were [particially] blind, yet now you see.

This is what it means to Know, Feel & See [the] 𝐢 𝐀𝐌 [within]. Thus, if after this meditation, you cannot discern all of the facts mentioned above, please practice again without "trying".

If you let each fact mentioned above stand as 1 point out of 9 total, rate your Self:

  • Upon the successful experience of my claims: you will rate your expereince as a 9/9.

  • Upon the unsuccessful experience of my claims: you will rate yourself as a 0/9.

    Basically, you will either follow my directions exactly as I have provided them in the audio recording, and you will experience the renewal of your authentic Self as 𝐢 𝐀𝐌.

    Or, you will try, think, believe, or assume you followed my instructions correctly, but didn't, and so you will not experience the renewal of your authentic Self as 𝐢 𝐀𝐌. 

Final Note: Please utilize your God-given presence & intellect, together, to discern if you are successful, or not; and if you are not successful, attempt the practice each day until you are successful. And upon being successful, keep being successful; keep renewing your presence and returning to being your authentic Self until you realize The Primal Choice.

After Meditation,
Describe Your Experience:

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My life's purpose is to create a video game called : Incarnate

The purpose of "Incarnate: The Kingdom, within." is to provide a fun and educational platform for the sincere student of life whom wishes to experiment and study the 7 facets of being aware in an environment that is safe, secure, and psychologically nourishing on route to knowing thy Self.

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